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Call to Artists for an Exhibition and Catalogue:
The Human Figure in Contemporary Art
Download Dr. Anthony F. Janson's CV (PDF)
April 2017
Call to Artists for an Exhibition and Catalogue: The Human Figure in Contemporary Art
Juried and Curated by Dr. Anthony F. Janson
Spring of 2018

Art Historian Dr. Anthony F. Janson, best known as the revising author for 20 years of Janson’s History of Art, invites artists who are interested in being included in the exhibition, which shall focus exclusively on the human figure, to submit photographs, or JPEG’s of original artwork for Janson's consideration.

The exhibition is an outgrowth of Dr. Janson’s study of creative ageing of visual artists, a subject that to date has been largely overlooked and inadequately addressed.

The catalogue will begin with a radical reinterpretation of this neglected area, which is based on the author having known many artists from their early through late stage careers. As well, the catalogue will include a scholarly consideration about creative longevity, not simply related to Visual artists, but because the two are inextricably and intimately connected.

A second essay will deal with the per-eminent Figure painter working on the scene today, Philip Pearlstein who is still actively creative and exhibiting at 92 yrs., and has lost nothing of his technique, abilities and creativity. The author will examine this artist with fresh eyes going back to Janson’s first look at a painting by Pearlstein, and a change in his style that became apparent in 1980-1982. Curiously, there is an interesting connection between Pearlstein and Janson. Pearlstein wrote his Master’s thesis on Francis Picabia at the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University under Janson’s father, H. W. Janson, in 1973-1975. Additionally, Janson wanted to include Pearlstein in the Third Edition of The History of Art when Tony took over revising such a prestigious legacy, upon on the death of his father in 1982. Due to escalating demand to first include, and even to expand his text with numerous women artists who had been conspicuously omitted from previous editions, eventually made including Pearlstein impossible. This essay will right a wrong keenly felt by Dr. Tony Janson for many years.

Finally, my personal narrative will offer appreciable observations and anecdotal expressions related to the experiential "Visual Dialogue" and engaging perspective between figure model and artists.
*Eligible Artists:

Although the exhibition is an outgrowth of Dr. Gene Cohen's NIH medical studies on Creative Ageing, Janson's latest scholarly project is not limited to older Visual arts professionals. Rather, the effort will provide a means of demonstrating the different stages of artistic growth in treating the human figure, beginning in art school, since there are numerous Visual art academies and university-based schools in the United States.
Forms: Two-or three-dimensional art shall be reviewed.

Jury Fees: Visual Art professionals should include a non-refundable $200.00 fee,
paid by personal or commercial bank check, or U.S.P.S. money order,
made payable to e*maginate, llc.
*Students should include $100.00, payable in the same way.
All Jury fees will be used to support the project described above.

Artwork Criteria:
Each work will be considered for originality, excellence of execution and appropriate use of medium, e.g., charcoal, graphite; watercolor, acrylic or oil; as well as aesthetic merit and expressive qualities.

Visuals: Please submit
3-4, either:
1. accurate color photographs (8" x10")
2. JPEG’s of 1400 minimum pixels and a maximum of 4000 at maximum length.
3. The JPEG color should be standard RGB, not later Adobe formats.

The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2017.
If selected for the exhibition, the artist agrees the artwork shall be available for the duration of the show within group exhibition at colleges, academies, commercial galleries, libraries, and museums. The artist also agrees to permit a one-time reproduction without fee in the final printed and PDF catalog.

Please include the following information:
1. Artist's most current CV, including contact (studio or home address information; e-mail address, and preferred contact via mobile/land telephone; SKYPE, and or WhatsApp,
2. a 150-200 word artistic statement, plus a brief biography, with DOB,
3. the title, medium, and dimensions of each work,
4. a S.A.E. with all return prepaid U.S.P.S. postage or prepaid FedEx/UPS labeling provided so that material can be returned safely,
5. In addition, *students (*18-21-yrs.) old enrolled in accredited educational institutions should submit a copy proof of current student I.D.

Kindly mail complete submissions to:
Jan Stein, Figure Model and Janson Project Collaborator
c\o e*maginate,llc
805 North Olive Ave.,
Apt. #836
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Note: Jan Stein:
Mobile T:813 928 5223
(SKYPE and WhatsApp contacts upon request.)

With appreciation for your interest,

Jan Stein, Project Collaborator and Figure Studies Model